Send free gifts to neighbours

One way to get free decoration items is to get from your neightbours. So, send those free gifts to them and hope that they send you some back! Free gifts are a better choice from the obvious reason (they’re FREE!), but you won’t get useful stuff every time. But at least you can get something, which is better than nothing, right?

Very often, the game challenges will relate to these free gifts. So, send them!

Keep your patients happy

Your hospital's reputation depends mainly on the level of happiness of your patients.

Hence, your ultimate goal is to get the patients checked and treated and you lose reputation if your patients’ happiness level reaches 0 and they leave the line. Therefore, cheer them up (click them and select the option) while you’re playing, or build for them benches, soda and food machines and even restrooms: you will win extra valuable time with that! Even more, you should build a recreation facility for the doctors after you upgrade your hospital, to reduce the time they spend away from their jobs.

The additional facilities/decorations you put in for your patients will make them feel happier. However, it won't make them feel happy at all time. You will need to treat and cure them as soon as possible. Having sufficient rooms is the key!

Friends can help!

Hire your friends as a doctor
Usually, your friends are better than the doctors, especially in the early stages of play. They cost no money to be hired, lower wage and usually work much faster than regular docs.

Visit your friends' hospital
By visiting your friends, you can help them by clicking the broken medical rooms, collecting the trash and lengthen all the accessories they put in their hospital. Doing so, you can collect the heart and play games.

In return, if they visit your hospital, they will also do the same, which will make your patients feel better and cost you less money to fix the broken rooms.

As per usual social networking games intention, the more friends, the more benefits you will get.


Research, Research, Research

Another major aspect of Simply Hospital is research: you need to keep researching in order to increase the chances of having the correct illness diagnosed and then cured: doing so increases the reputation of your hospital, which results in more patients, which in turn generates more money. So try to research continuously and I would recommend getting all the diseases at around 80% first instead of mastering them one at a time.
Patients with different types of illnesses will visit your hospital with the hope of being cured. Each illness has its own degree of complexity and if it's a new strain, it takes some research before it can be diagnosed and cured.

Constantly research diseases increasing diagnosis accuracy and effectivity of the cure. There is no point to spend money on researching a disease ahead of time especially if you haven't reached a certain level where patients start to visit with that illness. Research is expensive and you'll have a better chance with old illnesses first.

Looking at the image above, you'll know how the level you are at, how long it takes to complete the research, the cost and percentage of increase. As an example, Zombie Syndrome is at level 5 and after the research is done, it will increase the success rate of diagnosing it by 8% and 5% for curing it.

Bench: One of the most important furniture.

Please make sure you have sufficient benches for your patients. They increase the willingness of the patients to wait in line. The more expensive the bench, the more time the patients are willing to wait.
Do check often if there are patients unseated.
This will improve patients’ mood and will thereby increase your hospital reputation.

Focus on building as many Medical Rooms

Medical Rooms are both Diagnostics and Clinics (where patients are diagnosed and treated, respectively). You should focus on having at least one of each room: build them from the cheapest to the most expensive, since they basically show the order of patients arriving at the hospital. Make sure you start with the diagnostic rooms first. It does not help to have the clinics without the diagnostic rooms.

Check out from the list of “Couldn’t stand to wait” to prioritize your construction.

Anyhow, do not ignore the importance of restrooms. Too often, the cause of unhappy patients is not having enough restrooms.


Getting to know "Simply Hospital"

Simply Hospital is a Facebook game published by 6waves. In Simply Hospital, you run your own hospital by hiring doctors, provide examination and diagnostic rooms, decorate it to make it look appealing and maintain your medical equipment, all to increase its reputation and profit.

The game contains all features to build up addiction via social networking. Players start out with minimal staff and resources and must build out their hospital by treating more patients. It's somewhat of a spoof on the health care industry. You diagnose problems that can stem from eating too much ice cream, causing the Common Cold, to watching too much TV, resulting in Zombie Syndrome.

If you're a fan of The Sims games or social gaming in general, then you'll find Simply Hospital to be one of the most addictive new additions to Facebook gaming. The game also has several social elements that behoove you to recruit more friends to your burgeoning hospital staff.